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When it comes to motor sports, Revaltec puts all of its expertise at your disposal:

  • RevasilTM (nickel + silicon carbide), a process designed for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine cylinders for F1, cars, motorcycles, cross-country, karts, ultra-light aircraft (ULM), quads, jet-skis, etc.
  • RevalloyTM (chemical nickel), process for pistons, cylinder heads, clutches, etc.

Some customer references of customers using these techniques: Sodemo, Mecachrome, Yamaha France, Fpe, Honda France, Gas Gas and Sherco.

Technical services

In addition to its surface treatment business, Revaltec offers the following services:


Aluminium welding

Revaltec provides welding and mechanical refinishing on bores and parting lines. The operation is carried out in several stages.
After detection of defects requiring repair by welding, the parts are first shot peened. Then they are deposition welded. The weld bead is then mechanically taken up for turning or milling.



Pre-departure, cylinders may present unacceptable defects (split exhaust port bar, cracked skirt on cast iron cylinders, etc.).
In order to be able to repair this type of damage, Revaltec offers a relining service.
The advantage to Revaltec is that we apply a RevasilTM coating after relining.
This technique gives cylinders a lifespan that is close to their original lifespan (up to 4 to 10 times greater than an untreated cylinder).



Revaltec is equipped with major production and verification capacities. We have two Sunnen horizontal honing machines and a Sunnen CV 616 vertical honing machine.



In cases where there is abnormal horizontal as well as vertical give in the crankshaft, the con rod needs replacing. Revaltec is able to supply you with the con rod and any related parts.
Please note: Only for single cylinders on recent motorbikes.


Shot peening

Shot peening is similar to sanding. Fine glass beads (0.2 to 0.3 mm) are shot using compressed air onto the part’s walls.
This exposes the metal underneath (removes paint, grease, oxides, etc.) and helps subsequent coatings adhere. It gives the part that has been treated a neat and consistent appearance.
Please note that all threaded holes are protected to avoid excess beads from building up.