Packing instructions

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1 – All cylinders and engine blocks need to be stripped down before they are sent to us, i.e. without valves or studs, with a new piston (essential for achieving the final dimensions). We can supply the piston, as well as various other parts, such as the needle cage, seal set, con rod, liner, etc. if you want. All this must be packaged so that it is perfectly protected and doesn’t move around in the packaging, and the order form needs to be included.


2 – Pistons and other small parts must be packed in cardboard packaging or in a plastic bag or bubble wrap. The size of the bag should be the right size for its contents, and sealed shut with with a cable tie or tape to prevent the contents from being damaged during transport.

Mauvais emballage

3 – L’étiquette est placée sur les rabats supérieurs à gauche ou à droite, et le carton est solidement fermés avec du ruban adhésif.

mauvais emballage