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Motor partRevaltec mainly targets professional industry sectors in various fields such as aeronautics, general mechanics, petrochemistry, chemistry, and the food, iron and steel industries.

Revaltec provides two coatings that can serve as an alternative to hard chrome and traditional electrolytic nickel plating: Revasil™ (nickel + silicon carbide) and Revalloy™ (chemical nickel) for greater hardness and insulating and corrosion-resistant functions.

In order to meet the needs of its customers, Revaltec has two workshops with the main workshop being used for surface treatments and the second for machining. The first workshop is split into two lines, one for the Revasil™ process and the other for the Revalloy™ process.  Each has 15 tanks in a row in which the parts are prepared and the treatments are applied. Two horizontal honing machines and one vertical honing machine are installed in the mechanical workshop.


Compliance with strict standards

Revaltec is a classified facility with authorisation for carrying out treatments.
All degreasing baths, pickling baths, and treatment baths, are taken away every six months by a specialised company that removes all products from these (alkalis, acids and salts). During treatments, the air above the baths is sucked out and sent to a purification column before being vented outside. However, for the most corrosive baths, employees wear protective masks. Employees are also equipped with clothing that is resistant to chemicals.
Revaltec technician

Internationnal references

  • Valeo : automotive supplier at the international level,
  • Kalix : the world’s leading manufacturer of packaging machines for filling and boxing of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products in tubes,
  • Redex / Merobel : design and manufacture of equipment and components,
  • Euroflex : manufacture of products for conveying water and gas,
  • Samr : specialist in the centrifugal application of bearing metals and precision machining of guiding or sealing parts,
  • Pirelli : wires, cables and electrical connections, connection equipment.