The various cases

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There are several different levels of deterioration and this needs to be accessed so that we can estimate the scope of the work to be carried out:


Simple wear

Simple wear

This is the most frequent instance of deterioration. The cylinder is worn out from the friction of the segment. Aluminium can be seen in places, usually around the exhaust port and at the top dead centre. Simple retreatment will be enough.




Deep scratch

Deep scratchThis is usually the result of a mechanical breakage. Cage needle, broken segment, segment centring pin, piston pin. Welding is needed in addition to treatment.





CrackCracks mainly appear on the exhaust port bar. Welding is not possible at this point (major expansion occurs) and a cast iron liner needs inserting before applying the treatment.




All cylinders need to be stripped down before they are sent to us, i.e. without valves or studs, with a new piston (essential for achieving the final dimensions). We can supply the piston, as well as various other parts, such as the needle cage, seal set, con rod, liner, etc. if you want.