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The REVALLOYTM process is a chemical nickel coating (nickel/phosphorus alloy). It is obtained by the autocatalytic reduction of a chemical nickel salt in an aqueous solution at a temperature of about 90°C. The coating is particularly hard (550 HV – Vickers). Chemical nickel coatings provide excellent corrosion resistance in many environments (ask us for details). The superiority of chemical nickel compared to traditional electrolytic or vacuum-deposited coatings is that its deposition mode means the thickness of the deposit is distributed evenly. It is therefore possible to coat the inside of mechanical parts, threads, etc. The coating adheres well to many mediums such as aluminium, cast iron, steel and copper alloys. Heat treatment can improve this adherence even more.



The characteristics of REVALLOYTM are as follows:

  • Good wear resistance,
  • Effective resistance in corrosive environments,
  • Glossy metallic appearance,
  • Application for thicknesses varying from 5 to 100 µ on any medium,
  • Option of increasing hardness by an appropriate heat treatment (from 500 HV up to 950 HV).

The process is used to effectively combat issues with wear and corrosion in the following professions: Chemical industry, food industry, electronics industry, printing industry, textile industry, automotive industry, etc.


Some application examples

  • Half drive pulleys, strong wear resistance,
  • Pistons and cylinder heads, combats sudden bangs (melting temperature higher than aluminium),
  • Loading arm (oil industry), combats corrosion.