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Replacement of the connecting rod

Connecting rod
For an internal combustion engine, the connecting rod is the part making it possible to transform the rectilinear reciprocating movement of the piston into a continuous rotation of the crankshaft. As a key element in the transmission of the movement, any defect of this piece must lead to its replacement. Replacing the connecting rod is the operation of replacing a defective rod.

When should you change a connecting rod ?

The appearance of abnormal clearance horizontal or vertical crankshaft can come from a cast rod caused by a lack of lubrication or overheating of a part of the piece. It is then necessary to quickly proceed to a replacing of the connecting rod that is to say the change of the rod incriminated to restore a fluid movement, without transmission of shocks.

Our rewinding service

Revaltec proposes to realize for you the replacing of the connecting rod for the engines of recent motorbikes of the type single cylinder (2 times and 4 times). The operation includes balancing and alignment of the part. We can on request provide you if necessary the rod adapted and related parts.

Do not hesitate to consult our tariffs for replacing the connecting rod