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Nature of Nikasil coating and application

Nikasil treatment (Niquasil, Nicasil) is a treatment applicable to metal surfaces. It applies to the treatment of contact surfaces in 2 or 4 stroke cylinder engines. The composite coating based on nickel and silicon carbide is electrolytically applied. Affixing this microporous coating inside the cylinder promotes lubrication between the latter and the piston, contributing to limit the heating. The Nikasil also provides extra hardness and provides superior strength inside the cylinder.


RevasilTM, our improved Nikasil treatment

RevasilTM is a coating patented since 1992 by REVALTEC, clearly improving the initial Nikasil treatment (adhesion, resistance and coefficient of friction), both by the properties of the new coating and by our specific surface preparation for adhesion.


Our Nikasil / RevasilTM treatment services

REVALTEC offers individuals and professionals the Nikasil home treatment (RevasilTM) of used or damaged cylinders for refurbishment. It is particularly applicable to F1 racing car cylinders, race or cross-type motorcycles, karts, ULMs, quads, jet skis …

Depending on the degree of wear or deterioration, the application of the coating can be completed by our additional services (aluminum welding, rechecking, reaming / deicing, microbillage).


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